Friday, December 16, 2011

Sorry in Advance... And In Retrospect

Women keep saying how the last month of pregnancy is so hard. Well, I'm gonna go ahead and agree with them even though my last month has barely begun. I also want to apologize in advance to my husband, friends, parents and unsuspecting sales people. I'm not exactly the most chipper person on the block and I'm noticing my patience is at an all time low. I can't say I blame my body for being so crabby. I guess really I owe it the biggest apology. "Sleeping" on the couch, carrying all this extra weight, enlarged organs the size of a basketball, bathroom breaks every hour 24/7, out of breath from talking and not to mention a billion hormones pumping through it constantly..that's rough. I get it and I promise I won't do this to you for too much longer. However, please please don't take your frustrations out on others. I'm gonna need these people after the baby gets here.

So to the following people, please accept my apology in advance:

Hal: Thank you for being supportive, understanding and loving. You think I've been emotional but Im guessing it's gonna get worse before it gets better. If I start crying or decide to be rude, mean and a bit loco don't try and find an underlying meaning. Just know its pregnancy and more than likely nothing you say will be a solution so it's best to just "hug it out." unless I'm mad- then I would go the chocolate covered strawberries route.

Mom:I'm sorry in advance if I snap at you, tell you something you're doing wrong, or act short. It's not you- it's ignore it and don't take it personally. You're te best mom a gal could ask for and there is no way I could do this without you. (No matter what my attitude may think at a particular moment.)

To the sales lady at the children's store: if I tell you I want an outfit now, please do not tell me to wait. I've waited 9 months to find out the sex of this kid and waiting until after its born and sending my husband to your store to pick out the "coming home outfit" seemed like an aweful idea to me. However, you trying to help should not have made me want to crawl over the table in smack you silly. I'm just glad I didn't act on my temptation.

To the lady who stopped at the stop sign too long: I'm sorry for yelling at you but there is no need to sit there for a full minute. I'm glad my window was up and you did not see my small temper tantrum.

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